Getting to know your servers

to Performance Data, it's not just about sending you a quotation. Our operations team works closely with our clients' operations team by assessing:


  • Current warranty status

  • Gaps in coverage based on servers' requirements

  • Current concerns based on past experiences

  • Trouble spots with past 12 months case reports

  • Cost-cutting opportunities

  • Experts' cost justification on special server support requirements

Ongoing asessments

Performance Data believes in investing in time to continuously learn about changes within its clients' organization and their systems. This will empower us to be ready for what's to come and minimize unexpected challenges where possible:


  • Assessing new service engagements inadequacies due to growing needs or new requirements to review new service delivery requirements

  • Assessing new trouble spots through routine meetings with your operations and formulate problem solving initiatives

  • Assessing potential problems through logs or reports generated during preventive maintenance activities

Other services related to your server farms:


  • Professional services to recommend and perform hardware capacity upgrades

  • Professional services for server hardening

  • Server physical to virtualization conversions

  • Data center relocation services

  • Decommissioning, asset recycling, or recovery

PERFORMANCE DATA Server support value

With Performance Data, you will not be subdued to the pressure of replacing your servers in fear of server hardware failures without recourse; when OEM puts an end to its service life (EoSL). With continuous assessments and routine preventive maintenance, you will understand the state of your system, making it possible for you to make informed decisions when extending your servers' life cycle to improve ROI. In some cases where a change is required, we will be able to assist you in ensuring that your legacy servers run efficiently until you are ready to decommission them. In the event of your hardware failures, Performance Data's engineers will be at your data center, with spares on hand to fix your server hardware failures in a timely fashion thus minimizing performance degradation or downtime.


Start customizing your support

The following is a list of makes and series of servers that Performance Data currently supports. Feel free to review the list and contact your local or regional Performance Data representative, who will provide you more information upon request.



Cisco UCS B-Series

Cisco UCS C-Series

Cisco UCS M-Series




Dell PowerEdge

Dell PowerEdge M

Dell PowerEdge R

Dell PowerEdge T




Fujitsu Primepower

Fujitsu Primequest

Fujitsu Primergy

Fujitsu Primergy BladeFrame



IBM BladeCenter (eServer BladeCenter)

IBM System i (eServer iSeries includes AS/400)

IBM system p (eServer pSeries)

IBM system x (eServer xSeries)

IBM System z (eServer zSeries)



Lenovo RD

Lenovo RS

Lenovo TD

Lenovo TS



HP 9000

HP BladeSystem

HP Integrity Servers

HP ProLiant

HP Superdome


Sun Microsystems

Sun Blade

Sun Enterprise

Sun Fire

Sun UltraSparc



Fujitsu M10

Oracle Netra Modular (X5-2M)

Oracle X5

Oracle X6

Oracle Sparc M6

Oracle Sparc M7

Oracle Sparc T5

Oracle Sparc T7